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Worrying Myself Sick

Worrying to Death

worrying myself sick

frustrated-woman-at-computerSometimes people might get frustrated with life. Maybe it’s work life or home life or just life in general. Things are not going positively and it’s weighing heavy on one’s heart and mind.

Sometimes these things feel so heavy that you want to walk away from a job, a home, a relationship, or even a whole state just to try to get away from that weight.

I’ve learned that you can get away from the…

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My Thoughts On Invisible Illness


woman-160578_640I live with chronic invisible illness. People look at me and can’t understand why I am not out working or why I can’t go bowling or why I don’t like dancing. Somebody asked me the other day to go muddin’, but I can’t and people don’t understand why.

My husband lives with invisible illness. People look at him and cannot understand why he doesn’t come hang out. People don’t understand why he can’t…

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What Made YOU Happy Today


happy1I just read a post from a person who asks her readers to post in the comments what made them happy today and I felt inspired to share.

First let me tell you why I have every right not to be happy. This month we are in a bit of a bind. We found ourselves very short on food and money for food. Then, our truck broke down and of course it’s not something simple and cheap. My husband was worried. I…

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I Have Never Met A Stranger

I Have Never Met A Stranger #kindness


shaking-handsI’ve never met a stranger!

I think that really describes my life. I think of every person as another human being deserving of kindness and respect.

Today I went to the auto parts store with our Mobile Mechanic, who I was already realizing could easily become a friend. We went to pick up some parts. He generally deals with the same store all the time so he knows the folks there pretty well. We…

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I Have Paper Towels

I Have Paper Towels

happy paper towels

“We really are doing just fine. I mean years ago I would have loved to have paper towels but to us they were a luxury that we couldn’t afford. Now I can just reach up and grab one when I need it.”

The statement above was said by my husband shortly after a very LONG talk about our financial situation. We are having a tough month. We overspent and got ourselves into a pickle and then the truck…

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To-Do! Hmmm?

The Daily Post had another inspiring request, so I thought I’d join in with this one.

The prompt is thus: Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

There are SO many things on my to-do list. I actually have at least 5 on my monthly “goal” list that I make, which is pretty much a to-do…

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Over Dramatic Response Syndrome


dramatic3ODR = Over Dramatic Response and if you pronounce it, it sounds like ODOR which stinks.

ODR is common with almost everyone. We’ve almost all have moments of ODR. And moments of Over Dramatic Response are quite normal. If one then recognizes that they’ve had an Over Dramatic Response it can serve as a learning moment so the next time they can have a less dramatic response.

The danger comes with…

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I Carry a Flashlight


maintaining-a-garden-3There isn’t always a rainbow in the storm but you can always close your eyes and see one in your mind to create a smile. There isn’t always a silver lining but you can always sew one in. Life doesn’t always smell like a bed of roses, unless of course you plant one right outside your door.

Sometimes life doesn’t feel like those wonderful cliches that are supposed to make us feel better. There…

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I’ve Found Home

We’ve traveled far and wide. We found this place by accident. Everything happens for a reason.


small neighborhoodEver since I was little, anytime I watched one of those shows with little houses all sitting close together where neighbors had barbecues and talked over the fences, where neighbors really helped one another and looked out for each other, where community was really that, I’ve always dreamed of finding that place that felt like that to me.

When I grew up, I realized life wasn’t really like that…

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